Recruitment & RPO

Our recruitment is targeted on scarse and well educated professionals for your organization.

Recruitment & RPO


Our recruitment is targeted on scarce and well-educated professionals for your organization. Recruitment is done both national and international. Our expertise consists of recruiting talent from trainees with Bachelor or Master degree up to senior professionals. In order to attract the new generation, our recruitment style is completely adapted to their lifestyle, digital but personal, online but professional. By using our WYSIWYG© videorecruiter, in which the candidate answers questions that are relevant for the job they apply for, you will get a very good first impression of the candidate in just two minutes. In case you will invite the candidate for a job interview at your company, he or she will be no (unpleasant) surprise to you. And both the applicant and you will not be wasting time in having conversations you’d rather not have. 

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO):

Recruitment Process Outsourcing means that your entire recruitment process is outsourced to one of our professional recruitment specialists. We have a pool of these specialists at our disposal. All of them have a demonstrable successful trackrecord in recruitment of professionals in international companies. Recruitment has become a profession of its own. In case you would like to be serviced in RPO, we can take care of your complete recruitment process, including employing a temporary RPO recruiter and providing professional recruitment software, because our RPO recruiters are fully equipped. In that way, we accomplish the best possible connection with your company, its values and culture. The chance that your new recruited employees are sustainable will be optimal.