Temporary employees & Payrolling

Temporary employees can be provided to you company at any time and in almost any profession.

Temporary employees & Payrolling

Temporary employees:

Temporary employees can be provided to your company at any time and in almost any profession. The candidates are employed at Chain Professionals, however they perform their activities at your company. Legally we are the employer, practically you are the manager and supervisor. We take care of all tasks that belong to the employer in an administrative and legal way: salary payment, absenteeism management, all risks due to the employment are ours. All benefits of the activities practised, are yours.

Temporary employees are available in sales, marketing, finance, supply chain, IT and engineering.

Temporary employees are an ideal solution in case you have to deal with temporary projects, peaks in your activities, growth of your organisation, etc. Also, by hiring temporary employees you can extend the trial period.  


Payrolling means that we take care of the employment and contract management of employees recruited by yourself. Legally, we will be the employer of your employees. We take care of all administrative and legal business, you take care of the management and supervising.

Chain Professionals meets the needs of many companies with payrolling. Your employees are serviced in all legal and administrative tasks of an employer. Tasks that take a lot of your time and attention and distract you of your core business.

Naturally, Chain Professionals works completely compliant to all tax and legal rules concerning temporary employees. Periodically, you can receive our ‘Verklaring Afdracht Loonheffingen’ provided by tax authorities. Next to that, Chain Professionals uses a special tax bank account (G-bank account) for the remittance of income tax to the tax authorities.